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Dumas, Belgium

“What a wonderful experience! A very nice place to stay, quiet, in the middle of nature, in an interesting region. At the same time, it was very comfortable, with an outdoor kitchen (with herbs and a small vegetable garden!). It was a real pleasure to meet Polly and Lee. I warmly recommend it! We'll be back"

Lacombe, France

"An ideal place to recharge your batteries! Polly and Lee are very attentive and welcoming hosts. [...] Everything is very well equipped and the setting is magnificent….a beautiful space to disconnect which is good!!! We 200% recommend this campsite where we stayed as a family."

Malidor, France

Great place, we stayed 10 days to enjoy the tranquility of the place. [...] A real pleasure to cut off from the city and these noise, here only goats ring their bells. The activities in the area are so varied that you won't have time to get bored."
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